Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Bragger Post

Have you been having fun Mystery Shopping?

Do you have a favorite company? Have you made some extra money?

Please BRAG and let us all know how Mystery Shopping is working for you! Leave a comment below!


Stephanie said...

I've done several shops for BARE - mostly bank shops but also a couple of restaurant shops. They are a great company to work for.

Recently, I have SCORED on the grocery store shops through Trendsource. I blogged about it at: and I have a follow-up with some lessons learned that will be posted this weekend.

Nancy said...

I just quit my job a few weeks ago to become a SAHM. I'm a huge fan of your blog!

I just started Mystery Shopping 2 weeks ago. I've had great luck using Market Force. They have a lot of shops in my area. I'm averaging $20-$30/week.

CarrieJ said...

I have had great success with Secret Shopper (gym, restaurant, childcare, and doctor office shops) as well as ICCDS (pharmacy, shoe store, gym shops)! Highly recommend both companies.

Tuckersmomi said...

I scored 5 free tickets ($22.00 a piece) for an amusement park shop from Amusement vending. Definitely my top choice for mystery shopping!

mommy23 said...

I just found your blog and I honestly didn't know that mystery shopping was real lol... I quit my job when I had our last baby (#3)and we are really struggling with finances! I would love to do this. I really need something to bring in some extra income while I stay at home but I have no idea how to get started with any of it... Can somebody help me??? :-)

Susan said...

Earlier in the year, I did one of the mystery shops at H&R Block and got my taxes done for free! I saved almost $400 and got my tax refund that same day!

Troy and Rachel said...

I just got my first check for mystery shopping through DSG!! Thanks!!! Ig to $50.00!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been shopping for 6 years, ever since I got laid off and while I started my own company. I still shop the restaurants and stores I would normally shop so in essence I get food and other stuff for free while writing off my mileage. Some shops aren't worth it ($7) for 8 timings, inside and drive-in at the same location. Others like Ardent Services ($27) for lunch are just great.

We are having a Bonefish Grill opening soon and just had a Coal Fire open. Does anyone know which companies shop these.

Also a Chico's will soon be opening, which company shops them so I can sign up for all these great new places.

Thank you. You can use initials instead of the name if you are worried about using the full names of the company.